About Us

Kristine Mehler


Advisory Coach


Working in a public accounting firm and preparing taxes was not for Kristine. Her experience there was more like working in a chaotic factory than helping people out, which is her passion. She branched out on her own because she is a dreamer and she wants to help others to build their businesses to be vehicles that will take them to their dreams. Kristine is a dream builder and accounting is only a tool she uses to help business owners reach for the stars.


As a builder of dreams, Kristine emphasizes understanding the path that will lead to the goal. Kristine has put in countless hours building her knowledge of QuickBooks, accounting, and processes for success. She has been recognized by Profit First as an expert for helping owners understand and successfully implement Profit First for themselves. Additionally, Kristine has a very deep knowledge of QuickBooks as a QBO Advanced certified ProAdvisor and was even selected by Intuit to create the curriculum for QuickBooks, to be rolled out to the universities across the country. Who better to build up your knowledge and understanding of your business and help you to stay on that path to your goals?


Since reaching your dreams and goals is Kristine’s focus, she never wants to be considered another cost to the company. Her focus is on creating value that far exceeds the cost. When first meeting with a potential client, Kristine cares only for determining how she can use her tools to help you reach your dreams. Her goal is to reduce expenses, increase revenue and maximize profit to put more money in YOUR pocket. However, Kristine also aims to create value in the intangible sense, to be a resource to help business owners achieve their dreams and grow their business and as a result, is not just another cost, but rather a part of the business family.