Improve Profit & Cash Flow

Improve Profit & Cash Flow

The solution to inconsistent cash flow

Are you tired of inconsistent cash flow? If you are a business owner, than, statistically, the answer is an overwhelming yes. At least 60% of businesses experience this problem, and most do not respond well to it. To solve this, TLG has developed The Rainmaker Process, a 6 phase system designed to help businesses improve profit and cash flow.

We like to think about it this way- you (the business owner) are a squirrel who must collect acorns to survive the winter. In total, there are 6 acorns (or phases) that need to be collected (achieved) to complete the Rainmaker process, and improve your profit & cash flow.

What makes this worth my time? Well, financial literacy is a skill anyone can learn. Unfortunately, it takes time, resources and energy to do so, and many business owners simply do not have the urgency to focus on it. This ends up causing you more stress because there is a major part of your business that is not being operated efficiently. It is the difference between barely making profit and successfully generating sustainable profit & cash flow.

For this reason, we are excited to introduce a real solution. A system designed to teach you the skills you NEED to grow a deeper understanding of your business and put you in the position to realistically achieve financial freedom.  

Contact us to learn more about this innovative process. See the 6 acorns of the Rainmaker Process listed out in detail below.

Acorn 1: Setting Up or Cleaning up QuickBooks Online

A solid financial foundation is the first step to sustainability. This means making sure your current financial data is accurate. From setting up QuickBooks Online to cleaning up your current QBO- the objective is to ensure that your financial data can be trusted.

Acorn 2: Consistent Bookkeeping

Your books are organized. Let’s make sure they stay that way. Disorganization is a virus to success. Therefore, consistent bookkeeping is a priority. We also want to focus on accountability. This includes monthly meetings with a TLG coach to keep everyone on track.

Profit First

Our favorite step! Inspired by the Profit First method, we work with you to create a profit plan specific to your business. Profit First is about creating a plan that can help you accomplish your goals- both business and personal.

Cost Analyis for Maximizing Profit

Each job, or client, has a cost. Without knowing this cost, it’s possible to lose out on potential profit. Cost analysis is about putting protocols in place so that your company is set up for success and remains profitable on every single job.

Cash Flow & profit strategy

Cash flow issues is why you are here. Without a the proper strategy in place, cash becomes difficult to manage. The objective is to develop an effective strategy (specific to you) for managing cash flow properly, even during slow business cycles.

Long term sustainable profit & cash flow

Financial Strategy

Everything is in place for sustainable profit and cash flow. However, there is still work to do. It’s time to plan for long term growth. The Financial Strategy phase focuses on financing potential opportunities (expansion), planning for large expenses and developing systems that can scale your business. The opportunities are endless.