You are really good at swinging the hammer and knew you could provide better service than your former boss, so you started your own company. The prospect of making more money didn’t hurt either. It all started off so well.

Now you have no cash in the bank, but somehow still owe taxes—and to make matters worse, you have grown big enough that you have no idea if you are actually making money on the work you are doing or not. You extend your tax filing every April and then wait patiently during the summer months for the accountant to tell you if you actually made a profit or not last year.

Sure, you can hire an office manager to do your bookkeeping and take care of things like collections, bills and payroll, but will your manager ever be able to tell you how much money you made on the Smith job? Or why there is no cash in the bank?

So you continue to solve your financial woes the same way you always have, by leaning on your good reputation and finding three more jobs to cover your cash flow woes.

I get it. I did it for 15 years until I finally had to declare bankruptcy. And what did my accountant tell me? He told me that he had seen that coming for years! And he just let me continue without saying anything.

After several years back in college taking accounting classes and earning my MBA, I finally have solutions to the many financial problems of the construction industry.

First, we identify the problems with our 32 Point Accounting Assessment.

Once we know the problems, we use our Rainmaker Process to begin addressing those problems. We illustrate the steps of the Rainmaker Process using Reno the Squirrel and how he begins with organizing his acorns and eventually ends up building his acorn empire. You too will build your own acorn empire as we work through the steps of building a solid financial foundation.

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