Early Education

You give your heart and soul to your students, but how long can that last with your current cash flow? You want to be more positive about the future because your students need you and you are helping them accomplish great things. How positive are you really about the future of your school?

Passion! Passion unites us. You are passionate about the role you play in early education and we are passionate about your role as well—and helping you to continue to provide a loving environment for young children to come to learn and grow.

The members of the staff at TLG Financial Foundation feel we have a responsibility to help business owners, like yourself, to be able to continue to embrace that passion. Our 32 Point Accounting Assessment helps us to understand where you are with your finances and how we can help you create a more secure financial foundation so that the future of your company is positive and exciting.

Once we have an idea of your needs, we use our Rainmaker Process to help to step you along to a healthy financial position. The Rainmaker Process story follows Reno the Squirrel, who goes from organizing his acorns to creating his own acorn empire. You too will learn how to create your own acorn empire as you work with us.

Call us today to get started with a free 32 Point Accounting Assessment and start building a more positive future!

Tune into this podcast with our CEO to hear how TLG Financial Foundation is helping the early education administrators with funding and growth!

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