Improve Profitability & Cash Flow with Cost Analysis

Profit is related to sales and cost. We can show you how to use your financial data to analyze your cost and improve your profitability. This is cost analysis.

As a business owner, there are many things you can do to help with both sides of the problem. With contractors, one of the best ways to be confident about the amount of profit you will make is to move away from per-unit pricing (square feet, yards, per valve, per section, etc.). We would be happy to come to your office and show you several examples of per-unit pricing could be dangerous if you were to be awarded the largest job of your career.

Some of the solutions we implement to increase profit include:

  • Guidance and training on profitable estimating
  • Process improvement for timely information when tracking jobs
  • Custom dashboard creation to more easily track jobs
  • Custom QuickBooks reports to more easily track jobs
  • Chart of Accounts and Item list (QBO calls it ‘Products and Services’) clean up and improvement
  • Managing increasing labor and material costs
  • Negotiating better terms with vendors
  • Inventory and bulk purchasing to decrease prices

If you would like to know how much money you will make on each job if you stay within the budgeted amounts for materials and labor hours, call now for help and a free consultation.