Advisory Services

Profit First

Profit First is a revolutionary business philosophy centered around prioritizing profit. It involves taking a more hands on approach to your operation, giving you the opportunity to generate more profit both for your business, and for yourself. At TLG, we have a team of Certified Profit First Professionals that will work with you to personalize it to your business.

Cost Analysis

If the improvement of profit & cash flow is our goal, than it is critical to identify the areas of your business where money is being wasted. TLG offers help in analyzing your financial data to pinpoint vulnerabilities within the operation. Implementing cost analysis is a big step to minimize cost and maximize profitability.

Cash Flow Strategy

A major part of a financially healthy business is an effective management of cash flow. Too many businesses find themselves in desperate situations because of a mismanagement in cash. Our TLG advisory coaches are determined to help you develop a plan to ensure that your money is flowing efficiently in your business. 

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How are you competing within your industry? KPI’s (or key performance indicators) give you the best assessment of your business. We compare your company’s performance to industry averages, giving you the advantage of identifying where your business can still improve.

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